Week 33: Naughty Neighbours By Naglis

I knew there was something fishy about my new neighbours and I had to find out. When they left for work I crept in through the back window. I could see nothing unusual in the sitting room. Next I walked to the bathroom. It was a normal bathroom. It had a toilet, a sink and a mirror. I went to their bedroom. Nothing wrong there either. I even checked the basement. “That’s were criminals hide everything!” I thought to myself.  I stomped angrily to the kitchen and spotted a hat.

“Why was that hat on the table?” I looked under the hat and you will never guess what I saw? 

One thought on “Week 33: Naughty Neighbours By Naglis”

  1. Hello Naglis, I can’t guess what was under the hat!!!! Never mind, I like your story. I really like how you took the reader on a journey through the house. It was almost like being an intruder and being sneaky in someone else house. I like how you describe the house, particularly showing that most things were “normal” except that the basement could be used by criminals to store things and then that mystery about the hat. Well done.

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