Week 33 The Cold War By Kristupas

The war was offical-  it was happening. I was scared. I went to bed while hearing the deafening screams echoing through the cold war.

I woke up the next day to hear that my dad had to go to the army to defend Ireland.  I was so mad at my dad but I did know that he had no choice to go or to stay.

But there he goes far into the distance all the way to fight for freedom. I told my mom that one day I’ll be out there just like my dad.

But she just laughed.

One thought on “Week 33 The Cold War By Kristupas”

  1. Well done Kris -great work.
    It was very sad that many of those fighting in the war had no choice but to go!
    I think your Mom’s laugh was a bittersweet kind of laugh.

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