Week 33 The crash by Liam O

The story begins in 1954 in Spain near the city of Seville on a bridge. The American army was bringing a dangerous nuclear chemical to a test site.

When they were driving the truck over the bridge the truck crashed and a small hole came in the oil tank and some of the dangerous chemicals sprinkled on a yellow daffodil.  Then the daffodil turned pink and after that incident, the oil tank exploded.  Chemicals went everywhere.

Now 2 armies and the UN had to intervene.  The US of A had to pay 5.8 million.  The bridge is off limits now because the daffodil got too big.


One thought on “Week 33 The crash by Liam O”

  1. Wow Liam, You’ve incorporated lots of different things into your story this week. I’m not sure about a pink daffodil though. I think I prefer them when they’re beautiful and golden and yellow.

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