Week 33 The hat of wisdom By Jack ( :

One day just as my dad left for work I woke up and started to get dressed for school. As I did that I noticed the hat my dad always wears was on the table. ” Why was the hat on the table?” I queried.  As I ate my cereal I wondered what I would look like with it on. So I decided to put it on.

The second it touched the first hair on my head it felt like my head exploded. I could feel myself getting smarter by the millisecond and by the time the hat actually sat on my head I had gained all the knowledge in the universe.

I decided to try it out to at school and when our teacher asked us our sums I knew the answer before the last number left her lips.  “This is awesome,” I thought to myself “It’s no wonder my dad’s a genius”.

One thought on “Week 33 The hat of wisdom By Jack ( :”

  1. Jack,

    Hee, hee! Loved it. I wish I could find a hat that would give me all the answers.

    Well done,

    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

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