Week 33: The Terror: By Dan

The deafening screams echoed through the night as I stomped through the forest. A person had gone missing and now they seemed to be in imminent danger. There had also been reports of a Big Foot in this forest. This rescue mission was becoming scarier by the minute.

“OVER HERE” roared my colleague from a distance.

I Looked over to where he was and saw a giant figure in his place. Mud oozed off its fur as it approached. Only then did I notice the body of the missing person in its hands. It dropped it in front of me and ran.


One thought on “Week 33: The Terror: By Dan”

  1. Another excellent story Dan – well done.
    It looks like this rescue mission is over…At least you have a body.
    Next mission – to exterminate Big Foot!

    You are such a talented writer. Keep up the great work.

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