Week 33: The tree of life by Marc

The Tree of Life is protected by the leafy kind. But Darkness wants to kill the Tree of Life. Spiky little balls give the world LIFE. Darkness wants to fly in with his army and start shooting the spiky balls.

So his army of bats followed him to the Tree of life but the leaf army didn’t let them shoot them down. They kept shooting the army down. Darkness shot down a spiky ball. Darkness got shot down but he jumped on a crow at the last second. The leaf army was out of arrows but I had one. All the bats have been shot down but only Darkness was left.

Would l I hit Darkness with my last shot?

4 thoughts on “Week 33: The tree of life by Marc”

  1. Hi Marc,
    I like the part when you shot darkness.
    I hope the tree of life stays forever.
    Keep up the good work .msbrennocksclass.100wc.net

  2. Hi Marc
    Great story, I also really like the cliffhanger, I think it was great and does Darkness have a name?
    (I am Irish so there might be words that are spelled diffrently)

  3. Oh I hope you aimed well and managed to blast Darkness to Kingdom come. The Tree of Life is so important. Why would Darkness want to kill it?

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