Week 34 : Damned To Hell By Paul

There once was a man, a terrible terrible man. He kidnapped people of every age, and crushed them down like a page.

The blood leaked and poured from every sore. He bottled it up and stored it away. Until he grew thirsty like a fox home away.

He sipped and lavished the blood until he cracked his neck. Now he goes to hell (where he belongs) and got a punishment more than a speck.

Locked in a room with a canister of water. Every time he drank from it the water just kept gushing out like the River Lee.

How fitting for a drinker and cannibal. Now all who died by this man will shout with glee.

2 thoughts on “Week 34 : Damned To Hell By Paul”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Your 100 word challenge this week was fantastic.

    Star* great use of adjectives.
    Star** I liked each sentence at the start of each paragraph.
    Wish/ maybe use open sentences.
    Star*** excellent grammar.
    Question where did you get your idea from.

    But overall you did a superb job. Good luck.

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