Week 34: Dutch Dyke (Alternative Ending) by Jack

Merrily skipping along, the little Dutch boy approached the local dyke. Abruptly, he stopped.  To his dismay, he found a hole in the dyke. Water was flooding out. Thinking fast, he hurriedly stuck his thumb in the hole. Gladly, he sighed with relief. He was safe……….he thought………..

After hours of helpless calls and shouts, he was beginning to grow extremely tired. Curiously, he pulled his thumb out of the hole. The water just kept gushing out. Frantically, he stuck it back in.

Days passed; no one came. The poor little Dutch boy couldn’t even feel his thumb at this stage. Suddenly, he heard something. A crackling noise. He looked at the dyke. It was cracking. The water pressure at the other side was too much. And then, it burst. The water flooded everywhere. Life was destroyed…….

2 thoughts on “Week 34: Dutch Dyke (Alternative Ending) by Jack”

  1. Another epic piece from you Jack. Your story made me smile for a number of reasons. That dutch Boy was really taking his chances approaching the ‘local dyke’. Can you just imagine him stuck there for days with his poor thumb stuck in that little crevice and nobody coming to help. I thought there might be a happy ending to this. I should’ve known better….

  2. I really like your sentence starters and your vocabulary but it wade be even better if you did not use so many short sentences.
    By lerryn
    Maby you could keek out mine athttps://redbridgewriting.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/trapped/

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