Week 34 Harry Houdini by Conor

One day I was going to history class. We were learning about Harry Houdini. This guy could get himself out of locks that were locked onto him. So one day he went to a huge bridge and tried to jump off of it while trying to unlock 21 locks that were locked onto him. It was a big task but he could do it. He was very nervous.  He stood on the side of the of the bridge and …JUMPED! …

Everyone thought that he was gone but just then out of the pink tulips and yellow daffodils came Houdini. Because he had made it they sprinkled confetti over him.

One thought on “Week 34 Harry Houdini by Conor”

  1. Hi Conor
    I was super impressed by your story this week because it made me forget about the prompt, infact I had to go back and re-read it to look for the prompt words. I always find it hard to fit them in so effortlessly to my writing, well done!
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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