Week 34 A Letter Of Complaint By David

Dear Pipe World,

I would would like to tell you that the pipe I bought from you last week burst after just one day. I went to get washing up liquid under the press when I got squirted in the face by a load of water. I tried the stop it but the water just kept gushing out.

After three hours of hard work with a plumber we managed to stop it. I would like a refund and to be compensated for water damage to my house.

Your sincerely,

James O’ Leary.

3 thoughts on “Week 34 A Letter Of Complaint By David”

  1. Well done you! I think you’d make a great job of being a Customer Service Rep! Your letter is very nicely worded and very polite, but you get the point across very well. Great work.

  2. Hi David

    I like your letter its really creative and I love how you were very persuasive that you want that man to give you a re-fund.
    Keep yo the good work
    Bye lewis

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