Week 34: The start of spring By Marc

The start of Spring was coming up and I whispered to myself saying ” this is going to be the best spring ever.”

I was walking on a bridge when suddenly a huge pink rose came up sprinkled with dust from the bridge. I ran to get off the bridge before it collapsed. After I got off the bridge I called 911. I wanted all forces to come. I was injured but I still helped the people who were more injured. After a few weeks, I went to the doctor and he said that you might have a broken leg and should go up to hospital.

I got a grand for helping out.

2 thoughts on “Week 34: The start of spring By Marc”

  1. Dear Marc,

    WOW! Marc, you did a really good job of using descriptive language. I bet that this experience would have been very scary, and you did a really good job of showing that in your writing. I like how you added paragraphs to show the time difference- like how you started off excited and then moved into another paragraph about what happened, and then finished off with a funny line.


  2. Poor you with a broken leg. You must’ve been in a lot of pain. Your last sentence made me laugh so much!

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