Week 34 The vanishing people by Ronan

Every day after school two of my friends and I go to a tall tree near the huge bridge to Spike Island. There were always lots of pink flowers and daffodils around that tree. But one particular day one of my friends told me that Spike Island the prison was still in use.

I did not believe him until I saw a window open on the top floor. There was someone about  to jump from window. I thought it was too high to jump from. Suddenly I realized that one of my friends was gone. My other friend sprinked some dust on the ground and also vanished.

3 thoughts on “Week 34 The vanishing people by Ronan”

  1. Ronan,
    Juat so you know you to put in the at the part when you said jump from window. Either way i LOVE the story and love the part when your friend vanished.

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