“Not now,” I said “not ever” and I ran away dripping wet even though the rain only sprinkled on my head.

The giant grabbed me and put me back in his cave. The cave was dark and had no heating as I suspected so I shivered from the cold until the giant rolled a stone over the door.

I wanted to run back into my pink house and see all the yellow daffodils in my garden. I wanted to go and drive over the bridge near my house and head into town but no –  a giant had to be my long lost father that wanted me to stay with him instead of mom.

How will I ever escape?…

2 thoughts on “WEEK 34 TRAPPED BY: Tadhg”

  1. What a fantastic story Tadhg. I’ll tell you something though. I’m so glad I’m not the child of a giant. I’m a perisher and I couldn’t imagine living inside that dark and cold cave!

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