Week 35 Halucination By Szymon

“Good Night” said Gabriela.
She was going to bed after a frustrating and tiring day. She had three tests and tennis practice that lasted an hour. In the middle of the night she started to hallucinate and she went to the house next door.
No one was in the house because the owners went to a party. They forgot to close the door so she got in easily and accidently took a necklace that was worth thousands. The next day she saw the police and saw that she was holding a necklace. She realised that it was the neighbours however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

One thought on “Week 35 Halucination By Szymon”

  1. Hello Szymon

    I really enjoyed reading your writing. Right from the start I couldn’t stop reading you really hooked me into the story. Also I liked the part where you said that she left the door open and someone stole a $1000 necklace.

    Thanks Amelia

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