Week 35 Hanging Tree By Adam

One day I was in the forest taking my dog for a walk. We went to the nearby river and a tree was hanging over it. We walked over and a leprechaun jumped out from behind and said it’s bad luck to touch the tree without a leprechauns permission!

So we didn’t touch it and the leprechaun told us all the history about it. He said “When he was a wee young boy there was a bad hurricane and the tree swayed over the river and since then it hasn’t moved!”

I replied “That’s a very interesting story but me and frank my dog have to go home or mom will get worried so bye.”


One thought on “Week 35 Hanging Tree By Adam”

  1. Another great story this week Adam.
    I think your writing is getting better every week.
    I love how there’s a leprechaun in your story – an Irish story for an Irish Photo!
    Keep up the great work.

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