Week 35: It was a Volcano By Liam O M

It was a nice autumn day when my dog and I were out for a walk…Until the ground started shaking…

We looked up at the large mountain which was shaking…Then lava sprouted up out of the mountain… It was a Volcano…

We rushed closer only to be stopped by raining ash upon us. Then we dashed away as fast as we could but then I got hit by ash and fell to the ground.

My dog turned around and barked at me to get up but I couldn’t. He dragged me to a secure cave where we waited until everything stopped. Then we got out of the cave…

We were terrified of the landscape as we walked home hoping everyone was ok…


One thought on “Week 35: It was a Volcano By Liam O M”

  1. Great story Liam – well done.
    I love how you’ve used the prompt.
    It reminded me of the Novel we were reading before the schools shut – Survivor.
    I like how the dog is the hero in your story – That’s why they say…”A dog is a man’s best friend.”
    Keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to next week’s story already!

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