Week 35: Letter By Kallum Y.

Dear Mr. Sesay,

Today my class and I learnt about the V.S.O. and what the volunteers  do for women in 24 different countries. We learnt that the V.S.O. stands for Voluntary Service Overseas.

I couldn’t believe that only 200,000 people out of 6 million have electricity in Sierra Leone when solar lights only cost €50. Are there secondary schools in Sierra Leone? If so are they called secondary schools or do they have a different name?

What made you want to become a community health officer?

Yours sincerely,

Kallum Y.

One thought on “Week 35: Letter By Kallum Y.”

  1. Hi Kallum. I find it very sad and almost hard to believe that so many people are without electricity and yet a solar light only costs around fifty euro! That’s not even the price of a pair of football boots. I’d like to know why Mr. Sesay became a Community Health Officer too. I reckon he wanted to do some good in his country and help people less fortunate than himself.

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