Week 35: My Dog is a superdog: By liam A

It was a warm day and my dog and I went for a walk in the forest.  As we approached the lake, we heard a man screaming HELP.

Suddenly my dog’s ears flicked up and he ran to the lake. We saw the man; he was drowning. That was when my dog jumped into the air and I let go of the lead. As I looked on, I saw him swim across the lake like some sort of super-dog.  Then he grabbed the man’s hood and dragged him out of the lake.

After that day he was awarded the dog of the year.

One thought on “Week 35: My Dog is a superdog: By liam A”

  1. It sounds like he truly deserved the dog of the year award.
    As I was reading your story, I was picturing your dog Oscar in my mind!
    He must be loving all the attention he is getting with you all at home.
    It’s the same here in my house with my dog … although I couldn’t picture my dog rescuing anyone!
    Keep up the great work Liam – I love reading your stories.

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