Week 35 The Disappearence By Kristupas.

I was walking my dog down to the park. Nothing was wrong except there was no one around. I was scared but didn’t know why.  WE were about to go back home when my dog started barking. I didn`t want him to meet another dog because he is not trained. I started walking home and there still was no one around.

Then my dog started to bark again so I followed him. He lead me to a house and that’s where all the people were.  It was a surprise party for my best friend and I didn`t know about it.

One thought on “Week 35 The Disappearence By Kristupas.”

  1. Well done Kris – I enjoyed reading your story.
    I wonder were they afraid to tell you about the party incase you told your best friend.
    Keep up the great work.

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