Week 35 The Washing Machine by Maciej

Mom ! Shouted Laura , where are you going ?

I am going to work.

Laura can you put on the washing machine later.

Yes Laura answered .

Then mom went to work. After mom went to work she put on the television for 15 minutes and went to put the washing machine. Suddenly she heard her favourite program so she put in too much of the powder.

After 1 hour she went to put the clothes out. But when she opened it – BANG!!! everything burst out. The floor was all wet . However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

2 thoughts on “Week 35 The Washing Machine by Maciej”

  1. cool story want to hear more later. Really like the onomatopoeia also the vocab …Well done! kind regards


    Fairfield intermediate


  2. Hi Maciej
    I was reading this and curious to find out what was about to happen and was surprised by the explosion onto the floor, although I think this might be easy to do.
    Miss T

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