Week 35 The Zombies by Colin

The zombies were just behind me.  I ran through the forest, ducking out of the way of branches. Suddenly I saw a river dividing me from the safe house. I raged silently before preparing myself.

After a while I decided to jump into the river. The current was strong and swept me down the river. I tried to swim to land but was overpowered by the current. I grabbed hold of a rock and climbed onto it.

After I caught my breath, I jumped off the rock and clutched at grass. As my hands were slipping away I grasped onto a rope that was tied to a well. Then I ran to the safe house.

One thought on “Week 35 The Zombies by Colin”

  1. Another great story Colin.
    I sense your fear and the sense of urgency to get away from the zombies.
    I’m glad you made it to the safe house.
    Keep up the great work.

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