Week 35:Tennis by Liam A

One sunny day a girl called Mary was playing tennis with her brother Jake. They loved tennis. Then the next day Mary decided to go play with the tennis club. When the people who were watching Mary play they were shocked at how good she was.  They wanted her on the team.

Then 15 years later she got a scholarship to play with America – she was amazed she was so happy. Now she will be playing in the Australian open however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Game after game she nearly won every game she played and every set. She was unstoppable. She was amazing.

One thought on “Week 35:Tennis by Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam
    That is a very good piece of writing and it shows how practise can make perfect because Mary was just practising with Jake and then she got selected for a very good team. It’s also good how you included some of Mary’s family into it.
    Kind Regards

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