Week 36 Dear President Tommy Bowe By Danny

Dear President Tommy Bowe,

The past few days there has been shooting in our school. Almost forty people have died in our school in America. People of fifteen to eighteen years old just came into our school and start shooting. They are shooting teachers, young people. They are bullies.

It is just outrageous that people are coming into our school and shooting. Some people are scared to come into school because of what’s happening.

So could you please close all gun shops.

Signed : John Long from Kanturk Co. Cork.

One thought on “Week 36 Dear President Tommy Bowe By Danny”

  1. Good for you Mr John Long (alias Danny)
    People in power certainly need to take responsibility for their country’s gun laws. You and I are so lucky to live where we do and to feel safe.
    Thank you for responding to this prompt with your persuasive writing.
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth
    New Zealand
    PS, I have popped into your blog to read more of your writing and am impressed with what I see. Well done Mr Year 4.

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