Week 36 Guns in school in America by Kacper

Did you know that you can buy a gun right now?

Americans sell guns everywhere. Could you tell me why?  Why do they do that? Loved ones die – family members are lost. This is just so sad. Even little kids shoot their brothers because they think guns are toys.

But sadly it happens. That’s why we made this revolver with a knot. We have the rights to stop selling guns to everyone and anyone.  We should stop every shop from selling guns.

2 thoughts on “Week 36 Guns in school in America by Kacper”

  1. Now even though it is really bad when people kill other people for like no reason, but that is not the guns fault that is the fault of the people who do this. Also the kids that accidentally kill their siblings with a gun is the fault of the parents that leave their guns around. Also what about the people that buy guns for self-defense so if someone tried to broke into your house to kill you. With all of this aside, it is so terrible when people go into schools shoot a bunch of people.

  2. This is inspiring to read Kacper! You clearly have a very political mindset and it would be great if more people wrote stories the way you do. I love how you talk about the twisted gun as a symbol for non-violence, which is a very interesting take on the prompt.

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