Week 36 The beast by Colin

I unclipped the leash from the collar of my dog, Lulu. I let her bolt off and then continued through the woods. Suddenly Lulu stopped at a bush and started to bark at it. I thought nothing of it and walked passed her. I only got suspicious when I heard the sound of wings beating behind me. I spun around and couldn’t believe what I saw. ..It was a baby dragon flying in the air. My eyes widened as a massive mother dragon stepped out of the bush. That’s when I knew I should run. I called Lulu and clipped the leash back on. I sprinted the other way and didn’t stop until I was about a kilometre away.

One thought on “Week 36 The beast by Colin”

  1. A mother will always protect it’s young.
    It was the sensible thing to do – to RUN!
    Well done Colin – another great story.

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