Week 36 The Wrath of Chickens by Jacob

I was at the field enjoying the breeze and I saw a farm with a bunch of chickens. I thought it would be lovely if I could play with the chickens. So I went to the fence and put my hand out and one came over and plucked me… Then 30 more rushed at me… That’s when I knew I should run.

They started to jump over the fence and were squawking angrily. I rushed into my house, locked the door and told my parents not to look outside. I looked on Facebook and saw a video of a person running from chickens.

2 thoughts on “Week 36 The Wrath of Chickens by Jacob”

  1. Dear Jacob,

    I loved your story so much!
    I love the storyline as it makes me what to know more about what happened after.
    Even though it was only 100 words, you put a lot of context in it so it is very easy for me to picture it in my head.
    Is this from experience?
    Loved it,


  2. It sounds like you had a lucky escape, Jacob.
    I definitely wouldn’t like to be plucked by 30 chickens!
    Another great story – well done!

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