Week 37: Lost Gold By Benny

There was a rumor going around about tons of undiscovered gold in Brazil. I was flying to Brazil for holidays so I thought I might as well look for this ‘gold.’

I liked exploring a lot so I decided to look around a forest. After I did some exploring, deep in the forest I found a lost and ancient village. It was a cool discovery.

On my way out of the forest I tripped over something… Gold!… I dug up around the gold and realized the ground was covered in it. I took as much as I could and went back to where I was staying. I was happy with my discovery.

One thought on “Week 37: Lost Gold By Benny”

  1. Another great story Benny – Well done!
    I wonder did you keep this “discovery” a secret?
    It was like winning the lotto!

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