Week 37 The clingy cloud by Mathew O’Gorman

It had been raining all morning… I sat inside the door begging to go outside. Then all of a sudden it stopped…I stepped outside.

It was sunny but it was still raining on top of me. I looked up and saw a small rain cloud above me.

I asked my dad could we keep it and when he said yes the cloud turned into a nice sunny cloud. From then on the cloud followed me everywhere. …Even on holidays!

Also, it would follow me to school. It was quite awkward when it went to the bathroom with me. But we’re now best friends.

One thought on “Week 37 The clingy cloud by Mathew O’Gorman”

  1. Hi Matthew,

    Great story! This is probably my favourite story of all the ones I’ve read this week. The idea to have the cloud following you around was really clever. I like the way you managed to give the cloud a personality without needing it to speak. The cloud expressed its feelings with different types of weather which is genius! I found the bit about going to the bathroom very funny. Keep up the good work.

    Michael (Team 100wc)

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