Week 37: The lost Egyptian: By Liam A

It was a scorching day in the Sahara. My Dad and I were explorers and we have put historical animals in the natural history museum in Dublin.

As we packed our tents into our bags, I saw a tiny triangular shape under us. We brushed away the sand and saw a yellow block. It was a pyramid we took out our shovels and dug. My dad studied pyramids for years and he knew that the entrance was near the top.

We got in and saw a light leading to a tomb. We followed the light and saw gold and a viola.  As we searched we saw an ancient mummy.  It was amazing… That was when we noticed it was the lost Egyptian.

2 thoughts on “Week 37: The lost Egyptian: By Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam,
    Firstly I loved the father and son archeological team in your story and the background information of this team putting historical animals in the Natural History Museum in Dublin, it was a great introduction.
    I found your piece exciting to read as you described the discovery and entry into the pyramid very well, there was a great use of adjectives throughout.
    I hope these two go on many adventures together in the future.
    Well done and keep writing.

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