Week 37 The Lost Gold Viola By Ronan

One morning as I got out of bed I decided that I was going to try to find the lost gold viola. My mythical legend book said that it was buried somewhere in the town park so I grabbed my shovel and headed down there. I searched non stop for 48 hours. I only realised how tired hungry and thirsty I really was when I stopped working.

Just as I was leaving the park I noticed something extremely shiny in the park keepers shed of ancient artifacts I ran over and peered in through the window. That’s when I saw the lost gold viola sitting on a shelf.

One thought on “Week 37 The Lost Gold Viola By Ronan”

  1. It looks like the Park Keeper had got there before you!
    I wonder what was so special about that viola?
    Good work as always Ronan – well done!

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