Week 38 The Savanna Meeting by Dylan

There is a tale in the African culture of an Elephant who gave a speech that brought peace and fair hunting to the Savanna.

It was a warm, dry African evening. The Elephant called a meeting because the lions and zebras were fighting as the lions were killing all the zebras. As soon as the two groups of animals saw each other they started bellowing at each other.

“QUIET” the Elephant shouted.

Then the Elephant delivered his speech. “Lions, if you kill all the zebras than you will have no more food.”

The lions agreed and the zebras were happy too.

This is why the African people spell Elephant with a capital E. Without him, zebras would be extinct.


One thought on “Week 38 The Savanna Meeting by Dylan”

  1. Another great read Dylan – well done!
    In most of the stories this week, the elephant has taken on a powerful leadership role. I think he must be the new KING of the jungle.
    Keep up the great work.

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