Week 38 The Watering Hole by Jacob

It had been a very long summer in the Mukdaman reserve. Mukdaman was  over 500 acres of  land located between Namibia and Angola in Africa.

There were over 100 different types of animal living in the reserve. Each animal had found the summer months very hard and were waiting for the rainy season to start. The problem that they had was that there was only one watering hole in the whole reserve and the level of water was getting lower each day.

The king of the reserve “Leo the Lion” had called a meeting to try and resolve the problem they had. The Zebras , Birds and Rhinos all said they should all be first. The Monkeys and the Hippos wouldn’t stop arguing, the Hyenas were laughing all the time and the Snakes kept trying to eat the Birds. It was mayhem.

It was then that the Elephant delivered his speech. ” I will use my trunk to spray everyone, to wash them, as I saw on the gamekeeper’s TV once – that showers use less water!”

The animals all stopped squabbling and agreed it would be the quickest and most efficient way so everybody would get to use the water.

Peace was restored in Mukdaman!


2 thoughts on “Week 38 The Watering Hole by Jacob”

  1. Hi Jacob,
    Thank you so much for sharing your writing with the challenge this week. This was a superb response to the prompt , with great humour; I’ve always thought elephants were wise.
    Keep on writing , you clearly have a talent for it.
    Mrs Moore
    Team 100 London

  2. Loved it Jacob! Well done!
    I loved the mayhem you described. I felt I could actually hear the noise of all the animals squabbling!
    Great work.

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