Week 4: Abominable Animals By Naglis

Running through the forest while gasping for breath and my heart beating like a drum,  I can feel it thumping rapidly in my chest. Sweat trickling down my forehead and onto my nose and cheeks.  I wipe it off with a torn sleeve. I quickly glance around trying to get my bearings. Four irate bloodhounds trying to chase me down in the distance. I stop for a second. My lungs are burning but I keep going. I’m heading to the river to try and lose my scent.

Suddenly three animal statues with green eyes stop and glare at me viciously…

2 thoughts on “Week 4: Abominable Animals By Naglis”

  1. Well done Naglis.
    Your story leaves me with lots of questions.
    Why were you running away?
    Who was chasing you?
    I’d love to know what happens next?
    Good work.

  2. Hi Naglis ,
    We really liked your story because it was very discriptive.
    You had a great story and it was very interesting.
    What will happen next?
    From Abby and Jessica.
    Ms Brennock’s 5th class.

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