Week 4; Hurry by Marc

One day I was going to America to see my grandparents. I saw a guard dog. It was running straight at me. I closed my eyes hoping it wouldn’t hurt me.

Soon after I opened my eyes to see where it was. Suddenly I saw it -it bashed into the wall. I ran over to see was it okay. It ran away again. After a few minutes, I went back to my Mom.

I heard another BANG. It hit another wall. Someone caught the dog and took it into the medical room. It came out and the dog was wearing glasses. Then it didn’t bash into anything. The dog just needed glasses.

12 thoughts on “Week 4; Hurry by Marc”

  1. Hi Marc, I really enjoyed how you described your story like I could picture it in my mind! I can also keep reading this over and over again. Did you know i live in America and also I saw a dog that ran into a wall! Funny right. One fact that you should know about America is that there is a lot of guards. I don’t think you need to improve the writing piece, it is awesome. Keep doing the awesome work!

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    Timur in Illinois

  2. Hi Marc,
    I like the part when you said the dog just needed glasses it was funny for me and keep up the good work.Please visit my story on hppts://mrrussell.100wc.net/The-DNA-Dog/

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Very good story Marc that was very good you are a briallant story writter and I hope one day you make your own book with all your fantistic stories.
    Keep up the good work.
    Yours faithfully Scott McG

  4. I loved your story Marc. Lucky you, going to America to visit your grandparents. The poor guard dog. I can’t imagine it doing a very good job if couldn’t see properly. It would be funny to see a dog wearing glasses. Maybe he should’ve gone for laser eye surgery instead!

  5. Haha, hilarious story Marc, surprisingly the dog’s eyesight didn’t come to mind when I was writing my story. I loved the way you gave a great description when you were talking about the way you felt when the dog was chasing you. I am eager to find out if you ever saw the dog again? Keep up the good work Marc.

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  6. i loved the start when the dog was chasing him but it bashed into the wall and at the end when you said he just needed glasses.great story keep it up
    by collins mrrusselll

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