Week 4 The mischievous dog By Danny

One day my dog and I were at home. His name is Logo. He is a black labadour. The following day my parents and I went shopping in the City centre. When we left, Logo got lonely and asked the two next door dogs to come over. Their names were Buzz and Archey. They were having great fun until they heard the doorknob turning…

We were home. Buzz and Archey ran away. When I came in Logo was wearing a shirt and the dog was wearing glasses. My parents gave out to him a lot. From that day on, we never let Logo stay on his own again.

7 thoughts on “Week 4 The mischievous dog By Danny”

  1. Hi Danny
    A super piece of writing this week. I like the way that your idea unfolds gradually. This made me wonder what our pets really get up to when they have been left home alone!
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

  2. I thought you had an interesting idea on how the dog has put on glasses and a shirt by himself. I liked how you described things about the dog and his name and other things.

  3. I loved this story Danny I could really picture it in my mind i cant wait to read your next story it was brilliant.well done Danny.

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