Week 4 Sweet Revenge By Kristupas

It was the day of the science project. Yes, the homemade mini car It was perfect. I tried it earlier and It moved in an erratic way. But on the way to school I kind of lost hope as there were some brilliant projects. When the judges got to my desk they said to turn it on so I did and when it just wouldn’t take off, the judges said one out of ten .

So I tried to figure out who savaged my project. I found him – he was the only one smirking. So I went over and destroyed his work. And he got a one out of ten too.

2 thoughts on “Week 4 Sweet Revenge By Kristupas”

  1. Hi Kristupas
    I really liked the word erratic in your story.
    There was some real karma in the story.
    Great work!

  2. Well done – this is a brilliant 100WC. We like the use of interesting vocabulary and not using boring words. You have used a range of punctuation like commas and dashes.
    The best thing is that the person got revenge on the person who wrecked the project.

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