Week, 4 The Animals, By Tim

Long ago a farmer went missing. The police looked all over the countryside but they still couldn’t find him. He was nowhere to be found.
Present Day.
One day I went to visit the farm. Then all of a sudden 3 statues emerged from the ground. There was a goat, bull and a horse. I walked up to them to take a closer look at them. They were formed in a triangle. I touched one by an accident. Suddenly the animals came to life and started to speak in a weird language. The triangle started glowing and then a portal opened up…
I fell in and I couldn’t believe what I saw…


3 thoughts on “Week, 4 The Animals, By Tim”

  1. Hi Tim,
    I really liked the way you used the prompt and your imagination. I am also wondering what you saw. Well Done.

    From Cian,
    Ms.Brennocks class

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