Week 4 The child by Aidan

What was I thinking -saying that we should stop to rob a gas station? The alarm went off and the kid started crying. As I peered into the boot I realised he was only little. He whispered to me through his sobs “Hello Mister Big Man”.

I felt pity for the child so I replied: “Hello, what is your teddy’s name?” “Teddy’s name is Bobo,” he told me. The kid was so cute I needed to get him back to his house before the gang came out. I started the car and fumbled with wires when it just wouldn’t take off. I saw the gang running up to the car and it finally started. It let out a screech as I drove off …leaving the gang for the cops…


2 thoughts on “Week 4 The child by Aidan”

  1. Great story Aidan! It was very detailed, and I felt like I was in the story! Why was the child there? Again, really great story!

    From, Aidan

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