Week 4 The Getaway By Conor H

‘So, here is the plan’ exclaimed the leader.

“Firstly, we are going to dress up as normal people and sneak into the bank. Secondly, we will aggressively bust open the ATM and run and that is where Phillip comes in and drives us home to victory.”

Just outside the bank door, the criminals were getting ready.

“1,2,3,” they whispered.

Suddenly they snuck in and busted open the ATM. Then was the time to run.

“GO,GO,GO!” they screamed.

Just then Phillip tried to start the car.  When it just wouldn’t take off, he knew he was in massive trouble.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 The Getaway By Conor H”

  1. Hi Conor,
    What a great story!
    You used great verbs like “exclaimed, whispered and screamed”. This helped make the story exciting.
    I also liked the use of the adverb “aggressively”.
    I wonder what happened to Philip and the gang after the getaway car wouldn’t start?!
    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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