Week 4 The Kite That Wouldn’t Fly By Ronan

Last week I bought a kite in Sports Direct. I took it straight outside to try it but I just couldn’t get it to fly. I was extremely annoyed when it just wouldn’t take off. I tried everything from flinging it out my attic window to blowing air at it.

One windy day I brought the kite out for the last time to see if it was going to fly before I threw it out. I threw it high into the air but this time it didn’t sink down like it usually did. It shot out of my hands and straight up into the air.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 The Kite That Wouldn’t Fly By Ronan”

  1. Dear Ronan,

    I loved how you used words that made the story flow. You really made me picture the story. The phrase fit very well in your story. Good job.

    -Julia H
    Illinois, USA

  2. I also like how you use verbs that really make a picture in your mind.

  3. Good use of the phrase, I think it went very well with your story.

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