Week 5 The Ring By Szymon

I broke another window while robbing a jewellery store. My companions and I rushed in. We saw many cheap rings and necklaces but we were going big this time. We wanted to rob the jewellery that was worth millions. We got through the security with ease.
Suddenly I spotted a ring. It reminded me of a time when I proposed.
“What are you looking at?” My friend asked. ” Nothing” I replied.
We were so close but an alarm went off. Before we knew it the police were already there. We tried to escape quickly but we got caught and …they all blamed it on me.

2 thoughts on “Week 5 The Ring By Szymon”

  1. Oh Szymon! I like your way of thinking – ‘Go Big or Go Home’….
    This story made me laugh… A hardened criminal with a Romantic side. Well done!

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