Week 4 The secret passage by Tadhg

I have to get out of here. How will I get away from here?

I was at a funeral with my parents. My grandfather died when I turned twelve and my parents and I went over to his house for the funeral.

I looked at my grandfather’s crazy statues of animals. Then suddenly I saw a book behind the strange horse statue.  It mentioned a secret passage under That creepy horse statue. It said that when you pull down the horses head the secret passage opens up.  I wonder what would be down there. I pulled the horses head down and stepped inside…

3 thoughts on “Week 4 The secret passage by Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg,
    Maith thú!!
    I love your opening sentences, what a hook! The grandfather sounds fantastic, how annoying it is that often we only hear about our elders snazzy, cool lives after they have passed. I would love to know what is down the passage, you have the seeds for a great story here.
    Well done!
    Ciara (Team 100)

  2. Hi Tadhg,
    Our names are Emmanuel and Darragh.
    I really like your story because it was strange that your grandad had statues of animals. But how did your grandad die?Good story by the way really liked it.
    From Emmanuel and Darragh
    Ms Brennocks 5th class

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