Week 4 The spaceship By Warren

It was the day of the spaceship take off to Space. 3 people were on board- 2 men and 1 woman. I was watching it live from tv. I thought this trip was futile but I still watched it anyway. So they were ready to take off  – the men were testing everything to make sure it was ready.

Soon it was ready but all the 3 were waving out the window. When it just wouldn’t take off the men did everything they could and it still wouldn’t take off. So they postponed the trip for another year while they try to figure out what was wrong with it.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 The spaceship By Warren”

  1. Hi warren
    I really liked your story because the checked everything and it didn’t go
    I like your grammar
    From your hub buddy Craig

  2. Hi Warren,
    What a great story!
    I love the use of the word futile. I hope the space mission goes according to plan next time!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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