Week 4 The Three Tormentors by Szymon

Legend says that if all three statues are gathered  together on their altar they will wake up and torment everyone in sight.
Zap! Another man was zapped by the statue when he touched it. Only the worthy can pick them up and release all evil. Another year passes by before someone tries again but this time he is worthy. He collects the first one and puts it in place. The second one was put in by his ancestors. The third one was far away in an open field. He collected it and put it on the altar… Their eyes started to glow…

4 thoughts on “Week 4 The Three Tormentors by Szymon”

  1. Hi Szymon,
    My name is Ashley.
    I really like the way you leave the end as a cliff hanger!
    I could read your story all day.
    I like the way you said that the worthy would not be tormented.

    From Ashley.
    Ms. Brennock’s class.

  2. Hi Szymon,
    Nnooo! What happens next?
    It’s very interesting but what happens next?
    Nice story the statues zapped one person. Cool!
    From Oliver
    Ms Brennock’s class

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