Week 5 Experiment X By Colin

“Hand me the syringe, Civet” he called from the corner of the room.  Civet look at him with a bamboozled expression.

“Are you sure sir”? She called back.

“Sure I’m sure” He grumbled.

Civet opened a small drawer and took out a sharp syringe and walked over to him. Each stepped echoing through the grim room.

“Do you have the syrup, sir?” She said in a hushed voice.

He snatched the syringe and stuck the needle in a bottle. He walked through a pair of doubled doors and Civet followed. He was next to a Gigantic man and stabbed the man in the leg… Suddenly it came to life!!

One thought on “Week 5 Experiment X By Colin”

  1. Dear Colin,
    I really liked your beginning it definitely pulled me in to read the whole story. The one thing I do have to say is that try to pick easier names to read Civet is a pretty hard name to pronounce you could say with an s or a k. Other than that your story is really interesting.

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