Week 5: Sad Snowflakes By Naglis

Snowflakes falling down from the sky I quickly got up and glanced out the window.

“It’s snowing!” I bellowed.

Before I got too happy it reminded me of a time when me and grandad Jim would build snowmen outside. Sadly that’s never gonna happen again. I waited until noon and then I went outside to play. My brother cheered me up a bit. We started making snow angels, snowmen and bombarded each other with snowballs. …But I still wish Grandad Jim was here.  

4 thoughts on “Week 5: Sad Snowflakes By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis,
    I realy liked your story.
    It made me a little sad but it was still amazing.

    From Jessica M
    Ms Brennock’s class

  2. Hi Naglis. This made me a little sad, but it’s good to think of our loved ones with happy memories. Well done.

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