Week 5 The Getaway pt2 by Kacper

It was snowing outside since winter was coming soon, and here I am stuck in a cage all by myself. It was breakfast (9:00) and I had pancakes (it’s better than mushroom stew). As I was eating all of a sudden the lights went off.

It was so dark no one could see. I had a flashlight and I ran quickly. it reminded me of when I was running through the woods. After I heard a…


My team wanted to help me escape but when they got in we got cornered. We didn’t know what to do …

(to be soon continued…)

One thought on “Week 5 The Getaway pt2 by Kacper”

  1. Very good but I found a few minor mistakes like there was a full stop in the middle of the sentence but apart from that it was a very good story

    Jessica H

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