Week 5: The Hero By Liam O

Once there was a fisherman and he was going out to do his daily fish for the nearby store one icy morning. As he was going out he slipped and slid into the water. From the outside the water looks normal but from the inside it looks purple because it is enchanted.
The fisherman was shouting “Help” under water but nobody heard. The fisherman then fainted from the shock. When he woke up he felt uncomfortable and he opened his eyes to find that he was a giant. He heard a roar coming from the nearby city. He jumped up and ran for the city.
When he got there he saw a monster so he ran up to it and punched it.  The monster flew through the sky. The man looked up and saw the throat of the monster flame up and a green fireball flew out. It went right for the man. When the man got hit by the fireball he turned to stone and the monster disappeared…