Week 5 Titanic By Matthew D

I stepped onto the boat that my grandson was driving. By the time we were half way down the stream we hit a rock. It reminded me of the time when I was on the Titanic.

I remember running down the hall for the lifeboats. I was on the top floor – it was a long trot. The stairs was steep and windy. When I eventually reached the ground floor a kid was acting the buffoon. I then ran past him and I took the last free space on the corner of the boat.

So at least I was safe…Not so for so many others.

3 thoughts on “Week 5 Titanic By Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew
    I love how you said ‘ acting the buffoon ‘
    I like how you just managed to get on the lifeboat

    – Mia
    Ma Brennock’s 5 th class

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