Week 5 My Treasured Item by Colin

it reminds me of when I was at the County final- Kanturk vs Mallow. I saw all of the green and red players and felt proud we were in the final.I had my hurley and helmet because we were playing at halftime. I was nervous and a small bit scared but the time came we went on and we all played hard and beat Mallow 2 to 1. Soon the big players came on and we jogged off in delight when the match was over. Kanturk won. I went on to the pitch and Kanturk lifted the cup At the end I met a few players and my mom got all of them on her phone.

Hint:  It is on the camera.

8 thoughts on “Week 5 My Treasured Item by Colin”

  1. A great story Colin…what an exciting day for you! I’m guessing it is a picture of you with your favourite player? Nice memories

  2. Well done Colin and well done Kanturk GAA. It must have been a very exciting week after winning a county and with a football final to come. I think Mrs Boyce might be right.

  3. Hi Colin,
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  4. I like it because it is well described and hard to guess. Is it a picture on your mums phone. Or is its a moment in time. It’s hard to tell!

  5. What a super job you’ve done this week, Colin! It sounds like that was a very special day! I am torn between two things, so i’m going to guess both! I think that your treasured item is either a photo of you with the players, or a video of you with the players. I hope i’m right! Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Colin loved your the best part was about the phone well done great job come visit my story at mrrussell.100wc.net

  7. Well done Colin. You have described your most treasured item well.
    A very original piece and I’m sure the County champions would love it!
    Is it a video? One to cherish I’m sure.

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